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Alcohol treatments with best evidence of effectiveness.

  1. Receiving honest but non-confrontational one-on-one feedback regarding one’s alcohol-related health from a health professional;
  2. Non-confrontational strategic Motivational Interviewing;
  3. The medication acamprosate;
  4. A complex set of cognitive and behavioral methods called the community reinforcement approach by Robert Meyers, Ph.D
  5. The assigning of a Self-Change Manual, also called Bibliotherapy
  6. The medication naltrexone;
  7. Behavioral Self-Control Training (a moderation approach);
  8. Behavioral Contracting for rewards given in exchange for clean drug test results:
  9. Social Skills Training
  10. Behavioral Marital Therapy

I will be adding information and contact info in a new section soon.

A common theme in all of these treatments is empathy and without coercion. Unfortunately, few addiction treatment centers offer them.

Alcohol treatment with weak evidence of effectiveness

37. Alcoholics Anonymous.

nufff said for now.