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Can we really Talk Freely about All good and bad experiences unique individuals may have with All Recovery Methods?

Can we really Talk Freely about All good and bad experiences unique individuals may have with All Recovery Methods?

What works for you … can kill me…..can we really talk freely? …. about all methods? the good and bad and all warnings and full disclosures? and can we talk about opposite things working at opposite times for different people?

Most people familiar with SUD treatment agree that “one size fits all” treatment does not work well for society. But if that is true, then why do doctors still send most people to AA based treatment which IS a “one size fits all” program.

Ever since Bill Wilson wrote the word “WE” at the beginning of every step in the AA program. AA has been a one size fits all group think belief system.

AA does not endorsed or opposed qany outside methods. But make no mistake … AA is The AA Program … and The AA Program only. If you want to stay in AA and get the support of AA members then You WILL be pressured by the group to conform to AA as an exclusive belief. Sooner or Later you will be have it explained to you as follows. “AA is only suggested, No one is forcing you to believe in AA. So If you don’t like AA. Then You can just leave and try something else.

Yet The trouble is, there usually is no other place to go. And almost all Recovery Groups have their own exclusive belief system spelled out in a program which follows the same AA model which requires members to conform to their group’s exclusive method. Or – they can just leave and try something else.

Thus there are almost no group that i know that will foster a free and open discussion that enables people to learn what works and what they don’t find helpful in different cases. Sooner or later you must conform. There is no open ended questioning and freedom to change or experiment – not in any recovery group that i know, and that is shockingly unethical and more than unhelpful. It’s blatantly harmful. .

The way things are set up, People can not make an informed medical choice with self agency about all SUD treatment methods – Informed choice requires uncensored critical thinking to discover everything about all the different methods – the good and the bad and all the issues with mixing exclusively conflicting ideas into a fully informed choice that can be flexible and truly work for unique personal recovery across time as people grow and change.

But it seems most people seeking recovery are made to walk on egg shells as if its more important that we never say a discouraging word about the any recovery method that may harm a unique personality type. Ive heard reports that SMART made an Official decree that no one could talk about abuse suffered due to AA’s very questionable programming method. So Is it really healthy and helpful to “get along nicely” by censoring bad experiences we don’t want to hear – perhaps for ulterior reasons. that go far beyond being nice.

Most of the current “schools of thought” in the SUD treatment world encourage their adherents to make their recovery method into a an exclusive belief that resembles dogmatic religion – yet so many people have to be flexible sooner or later and even “switch hit” and use opposite ideas at different times in their life – but when some one tries to discuss any problem with any method the reaction is like questioning Muhammad at that exclusive support group. And Again, if you don’t like it, then you can leave is supposedly The Politically Correct response in AA and most Alternate Groups too.

People need more freedom to discuss all the information and all the warnings and all the full disclosure without worrying their are stepping on the big fat toes of others.

I find it interesting that all Most Recovery Pundits just talk nice and omit any warnings or full disclosure of the other recovery methods – this is not new progressive thinking – progressive thinking does not suppress and omit all the many abuses that can also be caused by all the different paths to recovery.

Apparently, the nicest Pundits all walk on the same ridiculous egg shells so they don’t upset anyone’s feelings in the recovery world – maybe so they can can get their foot in the AA Rehab monopoly door and sell books to everybody – and so they can all sit next to each other on the self help book shelf and smile back and forth with that crazy “lets not discuss the elephant in the room” smile. It’s the same old classic dysfunctional no talk rule, that enables the problem to go endlessly unaddressed – everyone is afraid they will be accused of being negative if they say anything that resembles a full critical analysis of how all these different schools of thought may effect individuals differently.

And then Rehabs mix all these conflicting methods together in vulnerable minds with out addressing all the conflicts and warnings and full disclosure – like everything is just FINE – don’t rock the rehab boat – just swallow your conflicting rehab curriculum – and then of course – after discharge – patients have a schism when the truth finally hits them that all these ideas are exclusive conflicting methods that don;t play well with others.

I agree that there are many ideas that can be combined and help different people. It is also true the the same ideas can kill. but hey don’t say that. it’s rude. be nice.just get along. what?

Most Support groups have rules to get along never endorse or oppose – just be nice – and never utter a honest bad word about any method? What?! Censoring all the proper necessary medical warnings and full disclosures has always been the way since AA said WE in every step – all the leading pundits of the multiple paths to recovery have assumed the same WE must all “group think” mentality.

Too many people in the name of being Nice tell us to just ignore all that. and keep going this same way- repressing real critical debate – by inferring you are unkind if you really discuss all the warnings and full disclosures and personal bad experiences when trying to discuss what really happens when you mix exclusive methods. sure some times it one method works. but can we really talk about everything that happens? Not in Smart? Not in AA?

Universal Recovery Support Groups hope to change all this and bring about a dynamic revolution in freedom of speech and dynamic tolerance and empathy to promote real informed choice and self agency in a brand new era of recovery information freedom that supports a brand new truly revolutionary recovery world view.


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