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Brain Storming:: Universal Recovery!

Brain Storming:: Universal Recovery!

Universal recovery allows your ideas & input! reply to this Blog

  1. Universal Recovery respects all SUDs and Individual Paths and Methods toward better and better Health.
  2. Universal Recovery respects and unites all recovery paths and methods resolving the need to duplicate support resources.
  3. Universal Recovery respects individuals right to not be coerced or censor with any recovery biases.
  4. Universal Recovery respects the Individual’s right to diagnose or not diagnose yourself and your process.
  5. Universal Recovery supports recovery discovery for individuals by discussing all recovery information with equal respect.
  6. Universal Recovery supports empathetic motivation of individuals discovery and process.
  7. Universal Recovery refrains from direct cross talk and deliberate inflection intended to coerce beliefs.
  8. Universal Recovery informs by Personal Experiences, Professional Oversight, All Available Outside Literature.
  9. Universal Recovery meetings support focus on rotating topics while respecting all alternate recove

Feel free to add you ideas , criticism, inspired swearing, etc for a universal recovery support group meetings


5 thoughts on “Brain Storming:: Universal Recovery!

MyselfineverywayPosted on  7:42 am - Feb 12, 2019

Um yea there needs to be a big change in the recovery world view that better informs SUD about so many new methods – there are even ten methods that work 85% – and people could share about and respect all the different experiences that work for each person in a meeting with a new wide open respect and empathy that is not requiring allegiance to any one program but transcends all programs to support each unique person in each unique experience that may require many ideas and even opposite ideals at different times as people evolve in their life.. Thanks great idea. could help many get beyond limiting programs.

mytruePosted on  6:04 pm - Apr 3, 2019

what about AA or Satanists or criminals?

mytruePosted on  6:11 pm - Apr 3, 2019

For those people who may want to transition from other support groups and attend Universal Recovery support groups:

# coercive speech
# stigmatizing labels

I’d like to remind everyone that Universal Recovery does not support unethical or coercive program methods. We do not censor because people need to learn from ideas that they freely decide are either good and bad for them personally. Discussions that label people dishonest when a certain method did not help them or that label people’s feelings wrong – are considered to be self evident abuse by virtue of common sense moral principles – and may be redressed by reading our non coercive – mission statement by the chairperson. we hope this will allow free speech to be morally informed rather than censored.

# overt abuse

Universal Recovery believes it has a moral duty to provide boundaries to deter abuse in an environment with vulnerable people.

Universal Recovery believes that criminal behavior is not the same as an SUD, and we do NOT offer our meetings as free open support groups to the court system. We believe criminal offenses require their own special treatment and special support groups. [ex Repeat Offenders Anonymous]. We believe the court system is responsible to provide best medical practices and treatment and referral to members of society who have experienced criminal behavior problems.

Our groups strongly encourage [and may require] ex offenders to demonstrate their mental health and safety to be in a vulnerable support group. We may require a treatment compliance statement or medical release from a counseling agency or psychologist that states your are not a danger to self to others and you are able to participate effectively in a support group with out oversight.

We practice zero abuse tolerance that result in expulsion from all meetings. Expulsion is confirmed by filing charges for prosecution of any summary, harassment or violent violations against our members and we fully support and encourage immediate prosecution seeking justice for all. Those accused but found innocent may be reinstated and members in good standing.

Other safety policies may be proposed.

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