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Monthly ArchiveJanuary 2019

Brain Storming:: Universal Recovery!

Universal recovery allows your ideas & input! reply to this Blog

  1. Universal Recovery respects all SUDs and Individual Paths and Methods toward better and better Health.
  2. Universal Recovery respects and unites all recovery paths and methods resolving the need to duplicate support resources.
  3. Universal Recovery respects individuals right to not be coerced or censor with any recovery biases.
  4. Universal Recovery respects the Individual’s right to diagnose or not diagnose yourself and your process.
  5. Universal Recovery supports recovery discovery for individuals by discussing all recovery information with equal respect.
  6. Universal Recovery supports empathetic motivation of individuals discovery and process.
  7. Universal Recovery refrains from direct cross talk and deliberate inflection intended to coerce beliefs.
  8. Universal Recovery informs by Personal Experiences, Professional Oversight, All Available Outside Literature.
  9. Universal Recovery meetings support focus on rotating topics while respecting all alternate recove

Feel free to add you ideas , criticism, inspired swearing, etc for a universal recovery support group meetings