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We Support Whatever Works for You

Universal Recovery Support

Its time to Modernize the Recovery World View by supporting Whatever Works ... free of program or abstinence prejudice.

Universal Recovery Support groups

We support recovery in all shapes and forms

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Universal Recovery Support Groups: What do we do?

We empathetically support "Whatever Works" for each unique person with an SUD issue, with out programmatic dogma or abstinence prejudice. We dynamically support discussion of all the good and bad experiences different people have with all methods so unique individuals can freely seek question and discover "whatever works" for them. Anyone may start a free Universal Recovery Support Group, We offer guidelines to enable truly free discussion in a non-coercive dynamic empathetic recovery atmosphere. Our meeting formats may focus on One Method as the main topic and rotate to Open Discussion or Dialogue groups on selected days of the week. We aspire to equally respect and learn from freely talking and hearing about the whole universe of good and bad recovery experiences and ideas while tolerating off topic issues ultimately based on group majority needs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please See Our New Draft of Summarized Mission Statements and Meeting Guidelines are being developed that may help guide a non coercive empathetic Universal Recovery Group's mission and social atmosphere. See Public Information Posts below this section ###

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Universal Recovery's Flexible Policies, Public Outreach & Learning Events

We respect All Recovery Methods and "Non-Methods" that play well with others and coordinate with enlightened layman, experts and professionals from all non coercive recovery methods to provide access to personal and professional information, literature and learning events. Our groups may invite non coercive informative professional oversight at some meetings. Thus We equally respect and support all SUDs and All Individual Unique Methods or Non Methods. We do not enable violence and we respond and evolve to address contemporary medical ethics and psychological health standards and dangerous social concerns.We support women only focus groups Buddhist, MAT, special psychology etc and truly anything that helps anyone - of course with exclusion of bizzaro ed norton brad pitt fight club groups. Your ideas and support is welcome. Please feel free to contact us in our Information posts below or "public email" above.

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Universal Recovery's Mission Statement

UniversalRecovery invites the recovery community to unite in diversity. and truly freely support full discussion of all the good and bad experiences that different people have with all the different methods which they need to critically analyze to honestly find the method that works for them personally. Its astonishing unethical that this can not happen in most support groups, many whom require a religious group think conformance to their method and censor any other ideas. We believe "Whatever Works" for each different individual is the best recovery option, and it's now time to put this belief into action as a realized Mission that dynamically supports whatever works for each person, free from coercive program dogma or stigma labels or abstinence prejudice. We are not a program. We don't tell you what to believe or how to act think, or feel. We believe human ethics, morals and laws are common sense. We do not assume recovery is a spiritual or moral malady or disease - while we also respect those who do have personal beliefs they express non coercively. We seek to equally respect discussion of all good and bad experiences with all methods to help unique individuals truly find whatever method works for them and thus raise all recovery rates.

Universal Recovery is in Progress and invites your unique Ideas.

Embrace authenticity & emotional wholeness

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I embrace my universal whole true self.

I'm filled with a wonderful sense of emotional wholeness and being at one with my universal whole true self, the archetypal child of the universe. But that's just me... Feel free to be fully alive and reply!

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Universal Recovery Meeting Atmosphere:

Chairperson: "My name is Mr/Ms Universal True Self, This is a Universal Recovery Support Group! We Support Whatever Works for You." Ponder our Mission Statement & Feel free to let your feelings fly!

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Give your input to Draft Mission Statements

Draft Mission Statements are In Progress in Our Blog Posts we invite your input dreams visions cranky snark and primal screams into the wild blue yonder. Feel free to discover your own true path(s)!

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Universal Recovery Meeting Guidelines

All are welcome to contribute on first drafts for Universal Recovery Support Groups and be early developers and adopters of this new Universal Recovery Support Group way to help . Let's dance!

Our latest blog post.. Feel Free to comment.

Embrace your own universal whole true self.

22nd February 2019 No Comments

Can we really Talk Freely about All good and bad experiences unique individuals may have with All Recovery Methods?

What works for you … can kill me…..can we really talk freely? …. about all methods? the good and bad and all warnings and full disclosures? and can we talk about opposite things working at opposite times for different people? Most people familiar with SUD treatment agree that “one size fits all” treatment does not […]

12th February 2019 7 comments

Alcohol treatments with best evidence of effectiveness.

Receiving honest but non-confrontational one-on-one feedback regarding one’s alcohol-related health from a health professional; Non-confrontational strategic Motivational Interviewing; The medication acamprosate; A complex set of cognitive and behavioral methods called the community reinforcement approach by Robert Meyers, Ph.D The assigning of a Self-Change Manual, also called Bibliotherapy The medication naltrexone; Behavioral Self-Control Training (a moderation […]

28th January 2019 5 comments

Brain Storming:: Universal Recovery!

Universal recovery allows your ideas & input! reply to this Blog Universal Recovery respects all SUDs and Individual Paths and Methods toward better and better Health. Universal Recovery respects and unites all recovery paths and methods resolving the need to duplicate support resources. Universal Recovery respects individuals right to not be coerced or censor with […]